Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Paris being Paris in Tokyo

Paris' at her C.D. Promo Tour at the HMV in Shibuya, Tokyo. I guess Paris is as dumb as dirt? Who knew? Apparently, a local radio station deejay was asking her very standard questions, and she would completely ignore them and smile stupidly for the camera.

At the c.d. signing, someone got a chance to talk to her briefly but all she wanted to talk about were "hot" nightclubs in Tokyo. "Oh my god, I was at Lex [Lexington Queen] last night and it SUCKED ASS. Where are like, the cool places to go?" (She sounded like a trucker's wife)

She took the persons advice and went to Ferria in the red-light zone, and ALLEGEDLY hooked up with her seventeen year old superfan who follows her around the globe. Hmmm I wonder what "hooked up" entails?

Source: ONTD

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