Monday, August 28, 2006

Eminem Attacks Kendra at a Video Shoot!

"Then Eminem walks in the room lookin like hes overdosing on drungs. We met and he was really nice to begin with and he was saying things like how he watches the show and how he got our issue of playboy and he wants me to sign it so i was very flattered and happy. Then we start doing our scene and everything is goin good until we go on a break. I went over to sit on the couch to rest a lil bit and i started talking to this really nice guy. Next, i look over and see Eminem walkin towards me. I smile and say "whats up?", he takes out a bottle of water and pours it all over me!!! There goes my makeup, there goes my hair, there goes my tears, and there goes my first rap video!!! Yes i charged at him to knock him out, only got him a lil bit though cuz of his big ass body guard that was in my way."

To read the whole email from Kendra Click Here.

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