Friday, January 05, 2007

Bam Lied about Bedding Jessica Simpson!

Bam Margera lies to Howard Stern....

In the February issue of Penthouse magazine, MTV Jackass Bam Margera tells celebrity interviewer Chaunce Hayden that he lied to Howard Stern when he said he had sex with Jessica Simpson! When Hayden quizzed Bam about his comments on Stern regarding Simpson he replied:

Bam:"Everything is always misquoted. I never even said that [refering to having sex with Jessica Simpson]. I knew Howard [Stern] was going to pressure me into talking about it, and I dodged it as best I could. But after an hour of the same question, you just have to make a comment to move the show along to a new topic. The comment was simply a pure joke turned into a serious quote. Total bullshit!

Chaunce Hayden: So, on the record, you never had sex with Jessica Simpson?

Bam:"Never. It was all a joke blown out of proportion. End of story."

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