Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brit's Mystery Man Revealed!

Britney Spears' new mystery man may have a lot in common with her soon-to-be-ex, Kevin Federline: They both live in the Los Angeles area; they both used to have long hair, but now cut it short; they both love rap music; and apparently, they both LOVE to put something besides tobacco in their cigarettes!

Isaac Cohen, a 25-year-old Jewish model from Encino, Calif., is the chiseled hunk pictured spending quality time boating with Britney, 25, off the L.A. coast on January 6.

Cohen goes by the name "Eyezik" on his MySpace webpage -- which, coincidentally we're sure, was apparently removed by Isaac on Jan. 10 after Star posted this story. But if it was any indication, Cohen — who graduated from William Howard Taft High School in 1999, but dropped out of California State University-Northridge after one year — may be expecting to ride his Britney connection onto bigger and better things in 2007.


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