Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Birkhead Wins a Brand New Baby!

About ten minutes late here because someone at work wanted me to do ACTUAL work (I'm looking at YOU, Ashlee) but in case you haven't heard, DNA results are 99.9999% conclusive that Larry Birkhead is the father of Daniellynn. According to Dr Michael Baird, "essentially, he is the father." Lawyers have just announced that the judge hasn't made a ruling on who shall have custody of the child, despite the fact that Birkhead is the biological father. Parties will be back in court on Friday, but the actual reason behind this additional courtroom visit has yet to be revealed.

"Essentially." He said "essentially." You hear that? Because I did. I'm filing my paternity suit in the morning. I'm gonna git me that critter.


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