Monday, April 30, 2007

Boy George Is At It Again!

Boy George is currently on bail while London police are investigation accusations that he kidnapped a male escort and chained him to a wall in his London home. Auden Carlsen, 28, claimed he was grabbed by the singer and an accomplice and chained up after Boy George met him on the website Gaydar, and Carlsen agreed to go to his flat as a paid photographic model. Carlsen said he feared for his life when Boy George pounced on him and tied him up.

“I was convinced I was going to die,” he said. “George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down.”

Carlsen claims he escaped by pulling the hook from the wall and running to a local newsagent's at 6:30 AM Saturday, where he finally alerted police.

I don't know what Boy George has been up to since his Culture Club days, but I can guess that this little episode won't help his career too much. On the other side, at least this is something that you would expect Boy George to do, and maybe, just maybe, it makes him resemble a sane human being.



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