Monday, April 16, 2007

Britney at Shu Sushi Restaurant

Britney Spears and her cousin Allie go to Shu Sushi Restaurant again on Sunday Night. This time though, they went it alone without the help of her bodyguard team. The two set out in the new Jaguar followed by an amazing number of paparazzi close behind. While walking back to her car, Britney is heard saying "Please guys, I cant see. Just let us'get to our car." She is later asked by a photographer if she likes this, referring to the mass media attention and her reply was "I fucking love it!" She is also heard numerous times telling the paparazzi "I love you guys." When they finally got back to her Jaguar, she tells the large group of photographers, "Dont 'fuck my car up, alright, don't fuck up my car!"


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