Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Justin Not a Total Dick, After All

Justin Timberlake, clearly trying to get back into my good graces, has told British GQ that he won't tolerate any bad talk about his ex, actress Cameron Diaz.

When asked about the circumstances which brought to an end Timberlake and Diaz's four year relationship, Justin responded with "It's hard for me to talk about because we're talking about a person that I love and respect." Justin continued, "If I hear anyone say anything bad about Cameron then I'll have something to say to them."

Probed about his other headline grabbing ex, Britney Spears, Justin politely left the subject without an opinion of his own, stating "Honestly, I am so far removed from that situation."

It's hard to believe these statements are from the same interview where he crowned himself king of, well, everything. I'm not closing the book on Justin just yet. He made me angry on Friday, there's no question about that, but damn if he didn't make me love him today. The deciding factor, clearly, will be how quickly he shows up here to give me a foot massage and sing songs he wrote about my hair.


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