Friday, April 13, 2007

Katie and Posh: Kiddie Couture?

Lordy be, this ought to be good. Word has it that BFF's Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have been talking about going into business together, with their own children's clothing line. Insert your own joke about prostitots here, it's just so easy.

Sources revealed to US Weekly that the two have been talking about it for months:
"Katie drew sketches of a dress she wanted Suri to wear on her birthday, and they discussed it over a glass of wine," a source close to Beckham, 33, tells Us Weekly.

And though Holmes' rep says, "Katie is not starting a clothing company," the source insists "they've been talking about it for months."

The pair even want to enlist a pro from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. line to help, adds the pal.

And apparently Holmes, 28, knows her way around a sewing kit: An employee of L.A.'s International Silk & Woolens says, "Katie comes in all the time. She makes pillows, curtains and all kinds of decorations for her home."

I'm torn on this one. I really am. Katie Holmes may have sold out Jesus in exchange for Xenu, but nothing she's worn has ever offended me too greatly. Then there's Posh, who certainly has style but can't quite pull it off all the time. I think there's a chance that this could be cute. However, I think there's a greater chance of an onslaught of rich little girls running around in white leather pants sporting halters made of tree bark and cinched at the waist with random necktie placement. And where will it stop? Next they'll all have choppy bangs and look desperately hungry. For the moment, color me just slightly concerned.


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