Friday, April 13, 2007

MTV Reality World's Interivew with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

MTV Reality World: People have pretty strong opinions and perceptions about the way you are both portrayed on TV. How accurate do you think that portrayal is and what do you think is the biggest misconception that viewers have?

Heidi: People don’t know every side. It’s a reality show of several people’s lives. It’s accurate of who we are, but sometimes the situations can be misconstrued. It is 20 minute edited drama. They can’t show everything.

Spencer: Heidi and I had just started hanging out when the show started taping and we really liked each other, but suddenly I was considered her boyfriend. We were flirting all the time, following the rules of being single. We were both seeing other people at the same time. We were both players- she was playing the game with me. Heidi has game! She changed her phone number on me 3 times during the show. Reality TV doesn’t follow us 24 hours a day. It’s in pieces that they put together to make a show. The bottom line is I was not doing that stuff to my girlfriend. We were seeing each other and other people.

Heidi: One of the first nights I saw him at Area he came with Audrina and I hadn’t talked to her all summer. I was so mad that she showed up with him. I really liked him that summer…

Spencer: I did show up with Audrina because Heidi changed her phone number on me!

MTV Reality World: Heidi, where do you and Lauren stand today? Still friends?

Heidi: Lauren and I are friends, we just don’t see each other a lot. We both have separate lives, me living with Spencer and her living with Audrina. We’re both trying to work on our friendship.

MTV Reality World: The big question – is The Hills coming back for season 3 and, if so, what can we look forward to seeing?

Heidi: We are doing a season 3 and it will show Spencer and I living together - the things that couples go through right when they first move in. They go through fights – the toilet seat being left up and stuff like that. It will show all of the girls at our jobs. It’s going to show me working on my album with David Foster too.

MTV Reality World: Heidi, tell me more about your upcoming album.

Heidi: I’m working with David Foster with 143 Records under Warner. The album will be out hopefully in September. It’s very pop - hot, fun fresh, young, and sexy. It’s gonna be a lot of entertainment – a lot of dancing similar to the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears.

MTV Reality World: What’s in the future for you guys?

Heidi: I’m never letting this one go!

Spencer: The bottom line about me wanting to move in with her is that I haven’t left this girl’s side since I met her. I’m obsessed with her. Everyone says I can’t get into the clubs anymore, but the truth is I don’t go to clubs anymore because I like to cuddle up in bed with my girlfriend with some DVDs.

Heidi: I wouldn’t want to go to clubs anymore. I have so much more fun watching DVDs with Spencer and cuddling.

MTV Reality World: How has the show changed your lives?

Heidi: People recognize us when we go out.

Spencer: They notice us for being in love… I’ve never been this in love in my whole life. Heidi is the sexiest girl I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t leave Heidi for those Playboy bunnies. I wouldn’t leave Heidi for the Playboy mansion!

MTV Reality World: Ok, I’m going to get personal for a minute… Heidi, there are rumors all over the internet that you had a breast augmentation last week. Do you want to comment on that?

Heidi: No comment.

MTV Reality World: This week, the latest rumor on the web is that Lauren and Jason filmed a sex tape that Jason was trying to sell. Is there anything that you guys want to say about that?

Spencer: We heard the tape does not exist and we’re here for Lauren and we feel bad that these rumors are going on.


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