Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mischa Barton Looks Great! (from the neck up and the knees down)

So, Mischa Barton's trying out the high waist thing that even Jessica Simpson couldn't pull off earlier this week . I don't like it. Rather simple. She looks frumpy and the entire ensemble (save for those boots, which I covet) is grossly ill-advised. I hope and pray that there's just a rogue prankster salesgirl somewhere out there who got to Mischa and Jessica and talked them into this hideous would-be trend. I mean, this can't be our spring and summer fashion expectation, can it?

These shorts make me uncomfortable. Not while wearing them, because the last time I wore something with this waistline I believe I was seven, but mentally I am quite uncomfortable with them. I can recall when extreme low-rise pants came into fashion and I felt safe for a time, being 8 months pregnant at their genesis. But when I left that safe harbor, even as a size 4, I was so very scared. After a time I was able to embrace them, and admittedly I still love them. For a short girl like me, even though they give my legs the appearance of being precisely one foot long, I am comfortable and confident in how they make me and so many others look. Look at us and our hipbones, we are women! We have fabulous bellies and you can almost see our panties, don't ya know? And now I'm expected to give up my elongated mid-section and embrace a look that requires my breasts to sit atop my belt and my ass to look increasingly like my grade school gym teacher's? Band with me girls and start the chant now: We will NOT wear high waisted pants! Give me exposed ass cracks or give me death!

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