Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Britney Sucks as a Daughter

Britney Spears has reportedly completely cut her mom out of her life. Britney did not even visit her mother in the hospital when she had pneumonia.

The singer, who once was so close to Lynne Spears that she co-wrote a book with her and gushed that her mom was her best friend, is so furious with the woman that she refused to visit her in the hospital on Mother's Day, according to several reports.
"Britney has cut off all communication with her mom," a "friend" of the 25-year-old singer told the National Enquirer. "She's gone from calling Lynne ten times a day to flat-out refusing to speak to her."

Yeah Brit, go ahead and cut your mom off, I mean she only gave birth to you, raised you, supported your dreams and finally got you to go to rehab. What a bitch.

Photo Credit: Flynet


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