Thursday, May 03, 2007

Will Jessica Simpson Choose Partying over John Mayer?

It seems as though there might be a some trouble in paradise for lovebirds Jessica Simpson and John Mayer. The couple has been getting closer over the course of their 8 month relationship and some news sources have even speculated a potential proposal in the near future. While the pair has been seen everywhere together, the most recent pictures are indication of the unhappiness they are feeling in their relationship. According to numerous sources, John is getting somewhat annoyed with Jess' incessant need to party with her friends. A pal close to Mayer claims that John 'can't stand the nightclub scene' and has told Jess to 'think about what was more important to her - partying or their relationship' while sources close to Jessica claim that she misses her friends and wants her old life back.


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