Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blind Items

1 - Unlike TV Roles, Love Sometimes Lasts Forever
This real-life couple took a while to admit they were an item, mostly because she was barely legal when they first hooked up and because they worked together. Now that they’ve both moved on to other projects, though, sources say they’re keeping secrets again - this time, that they’re blissfully ENGAGED. Aww.
IT’S NOT: Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton. (Would I “Aww” over them? Please.)

2 - You Can’t Go Home Again
Talk about burning bridges! Seems a certain TV hearthrob’s public AND private behavior has been so appalling that only one of his current co-stars is still on speaking terms with him. Rumor has it he’s starting to seriously regret his past actions, but there’s no way one guy can clean up THAT kind of mess, and it’s not like he’s trying, anyway. He hasn’t stopped being a badboy and everyone knows it. Good luck with that one, buddy.
IT’S NOT: Isaiah Washington.

3 - Art Imitating Life
This very otherwise taken actor is maybe a little too off-screen enamored of his on-screen leading lady. Fans think it’s cute, but word on the street is, the lady in question disagrees, but is too professional to be anything other than polite. Neither of them is going anywhere, though. Maybe she can give him and his significant other some couples counseling for Christmas?
IT’S NOT: John Krasinksi.

4 - Gives New Meaning To The Term “FlyBoy”
You’d be shocked to learn that this very butch sci-fi guy is anything but in real life. Don’t be fooled, babies - just because he’s very convincing lady-lover onscreen does not mean the same can be said off screen. Sigh, oh, Hollywood. At least he’s still nice to look at.
IT’S NOT: Wentworth Miller (This time), Julian McMahon, Jensen Ackles, Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, Jamie Bamber. He's on an obscure (i.e., low-rated) sci-fi show that's still on-air.

5 - Up A Creek Without a Paddle
This charismatic actor has been miserable behind the scenes on his hit show for a lonnnng time now, so much so that he has publicly voiced that he has considered asking the producers to write his character out of the show. As of late, he’s changed his tune, but it might be too little too late: it looks like he’s getting his earlier wish this season anyway. If/when it happens, I’ll link back here and tell you that’s who it was, but for now I’m going on record as saying: I think it’s a huge, HUGE mistake on the part of the production team.
IT’S NOT: Michael Rosenbaum.

6 - Not Exactly the Royal Treatment
This beautiful and talented but very troubled actress was slated for a plum role this fall on a modestly successful but long running drama. Unfortunately, she struggles with an on-again, off-again nasty candy habit, if you get my, uh, drift. The producers really wanted her, though, and put up with her erratic behavior as long as they could, but finally had no other choice but to go for a recast. What a shame. Here’s to hoping she gets her act together, and soon.
IT’S NOT: Jennifer Blanc.


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