Thursday, March 22, 2007

Amy Winehouse Makes US Chart History

Many have never heard the name of Amy Winehouse but she is widely popular in Great Britain for her amazing voice. Amy Winehouse's US debut album "Back To Black" has taken the US by storm by entering the Billboard Hot 100 album chart at no. 7, making Amy the highest debuting British female artist in the history of the US albums chart.

Unfortunately, another thing for which she is well known is that she has a very serious eating disorder, plus drugs and alcohol related issues. In a recent interview, Amy said that she is now thinking going into rehab because her binges have gotten so many and so prolonged that, for days in a row, she forgot to eat. And I guess we can all see that, by simply comparing two photos of her.

The first one was taken in 2004 while the second, late 2006. The difference is more than striking. It's frightening! And the saddest part is that she was never fat; as we can see in the first picture, she was a bit plump but at least she was proportioned.

To think that such great talent as she has is wasted with booze, drugs and her refusal to eat! Some women are simply helpless when they become anorexic, but at least Amy had the courage to admit that she is ill and to announce that she will be seeking help in the near future.

With that being said, congratulations on the album!


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