Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's True? Rachel and Ryan Taking a Break!

Rachel McAdams, 30, and Ryan Gosling, 26, are spending some time apart.

“It’s a break, not a breakup,” says one source, who adds that while McAdams is very dependent on Gosling, the recent Oscar nominee wants some distance so he can focus on his sizzling career. (A source had told Us last week that the couple would soon get hitched.)

“It’s a pivotal moment for him,” says the insider.

Still, McAdams “is taking it really hard because Ryan is everything to her,” says a source.

A third insider, who says the pair split several weeks ago, adds, “Ryan was in love with her, but it didn’t work out because of their conflicting work schedules.” Says the pal, “They’re both miserable. Hopefully they’ll get back together soon.” McAdams' rep call the story is “completely false.”


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