Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brad: Angelina is Supergirl!

Brad Pitt wants everyone to step off his woman. A reporter for The Daily Mail ran into the Babel star while he was waiting for friends at the Roosevelt Hotel and chatted him up at the bar. "You know what it's like to be on the cover of every magazine, having your personal life dissected with all the lies, all the rubbish?" he asked the writer, taking a swig from a bottle of beer. "It's hell. Certainly, pick on me -- but why pick on Angelina? That's so low. She's such an amazing woman - like Supergirl, in every way."

Pitt, 43, quickly apologized: "I'm sorry if I seem to be taking my frustration out on you." Though the actor is quick to defend Angelina Jolie, a man named Jim Cruse, who’s supposedly known him for several years, tells the paper that Pitt is feeling overwhelmed by his newfound domestic responsibilities. "Brad always said he wanted a family. But you should be careful what you ask for,” he said. “He got four kids in two years, all under the age of six. It's no picnic.”

Cruse also took issue with Jolie’s attitude that she can “have it all” and balance being a working mother, a loving partner, and a U.N. ambassador. "I don't think she's ever really been content,” says Cruse. “ If you ask me, this thing about her 'wanting it all' is just another way of saying she's never happy. The truth is that she makes no excuses for who she is. She thinks of herself as a survivor."

But Jolie’s manager, Geyer Kosinski, vehemently denies the 31-year-old actress is placing her career over her family. "Angelina worked a total of only 35 days last year and is currently scheduled to work 40 days this year," he said.


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