Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mysterious White Powder on Kate Moss?

It was only supposed to be a short car ride home, but Kate Moss seems to have gone on a mystery tour.

Having left London restaurant China Tang at 9.30pm, she didn't arrive home until midnight - staggering out of the vehicle with specks of what looks like white powder down her jeans. Moss, who this week is celebrating the runaway success of her new Topshop range, had been dining with friends at China Tang restaurant in London's Dorchester hotel.

But what she got up to in the two-and-a-half hours between leaving Park Lane and arriving at her north London home remains a mystery. Kate Moss leaves London's China Tang restaurant with Sir Philip Green after the launch of her clothing line wearing her trademark waistcoat and skinny black jeans, she climbed into the car looking calm and serious. By the time she got out, without the waistcoat, she seemed a little the worse for wear.

After the scandal two years ago, when a photograph allegedly showed Moss snorting cocaine, you might think she would have been extra careful with the paparazzi about. But she did not notice the powder on her jeans, which could be misconstrued.


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