Tuesday, May 08, 2007

R. Kelly Still Awaiting Trial

R & B singer R. Kelly's life as of lately has been relatively trouble-free with the exception of the child pornography charges brought against him five years ago. Since that time Kelly's career has been very successful including three concert tours, as well as six best-selling albums. During this time, Kelly's child pornography hearing has been postponed multiple times due to odd occurrences such as appendicitis and a judge falling off of a ladder. An upcoming court appearance is scheduled this Friday in Chicago. Still no trial date has been set.

"Five years is a long time," said Michael Helfand, a Chicago attorney with no links to Kelly's case. "Most child pornography cases find themselves in a courtroom within a year or two."

According to Hefland, Kelly may also catch some sympathy from the jury die to the fact that the crime occurred several years ago:

"You may have a jury that's going to come in and say, 'So this happened in the 1990s and this is 2007? I'm just not buying it,"' Helfand said.

R. Kelly is a strange man, but at least his career seems to have taken off since his little "incident." Maybe the courtroom appearance will go down something like that one episode of The Chappelle Show?.



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